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Gravity Vaporizer Starter Kit

New Gravity vaporizer starter kit is here! With 2 LSmoke e-liquid samplers, 2 clearomizers, capable battery and USB charger Gravity is all you need to enjoy rich and flavorful LSmoke vapors!

Usage Instructions

Wondering how the new L Smoke Gravity e-cigarette works? Lost your instruction card? No worries, we have you covered. Take a look below.

Charging Battery

Detach clearomizer tank from the L-Smoke battery to access charging battery port. Attach battery to one of the L-Smoke compatible chargers. L-Smoke compatible clearomizers don’t have to be emptied as they don’t leak when detached.

Refilling Clearomizer Tank

Hold clearomizer in an upright position. Open clearomizer tank by removing mouthpiece. Use a dropper or the special L-Smoke nozzle that comes attached to L-Smoke e-liquid bottles to add the smoking fluid to the clearomizer tank. For best performance don’t fill more than 3/4 of the tank’s space. Close the tank by installing the mouthpiece back into its position. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any excess fluid.

Turning on/off

To turn the L-Smoke Gravity e-cigarette on, tap the power button 5 times. The power button will flash three times to indicate that the e-cigarette is powered on and ready to use. Tap the power button an additional 5 times to turn the device off. The power button will flash three times to indicate that the e-cigarette is now turned off and can be safely stored and transported.


Make sure that the e-cigarette is turned on and filled with e-liquid. Press the power button and keep it pressed while inhaling to engage the clearomizer coil and vapor the smoking liquid. The power button should remain lit while pressed. If the power button does not light up when pressed, assure that the device is turned on.