How long does a rechargeable battery charge last?

Battery power is measured in milliampere-hours (mA·h or mAh). In case of e-liquid vaporizers every 100 mAh on average give you about 1 hour of continuous heating.

Vaporizer batteries vary in power from 400 mAh to 1100 mAh and more. Typically, good battery has 650 mAh, which roughly translates to 6 hour of continuous operation.

The number varies greatly depending on the coil and e-liquid used.

How many hours of smoking experience is delivered by the 6 hours of heating the coil purely depends on the smoking habits. Casual smokers may have battery lasting for several days while heavy smokers might need to recharge during the day.

How much liquid is equal to a pack of cigarette?

It’s hard to be precise as it heavily depends on the e-liquid components and concentrations used. Average widely accepted belief is that 2ml of e-liquid = 1 pack of cigarettes. Our standard bottle size is 12ml, which translates to about 6 packs of cigarettes. Bigger bottles contain 30ml, which is about 15 packs (1.5 carton).